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.Sunday, June 24, 2012 ' 5:21 PM Y
~Whip It Real Hard~

Hello all~ I am shifting my blog to http://iclife.tumblr.com to try out.

Thanks for viewing :)


.Sunday, March 4, 2012 ' 2:58 PM Y
~Whip It Real Hard~

A special post for you too :)

I must admit that love is really blind which my emotion took over my senses for over a year or so. Some time ago, I came across this particular girl online, I was already mesmerized by her innocence and cuteness at the very first glance. As a result, I made friend with her and soon we got to chat on social messenger.

It was roughly after 4 months of knowing each other virtually before we had our first meet up. My first impression of her can only be described by two words “pure sweet” Although we didn’t really exchange much conversation on the first day, it was still a delightful experience for me. Back home all I was thinking is about love in first sight? Is this possible? I made up my mind to attempt a step forward.

It was about 3 months later I first confessed my feeling for her, thus the beginning of emotional agony…

First of all, congratulation for being the first ever person successfully stepped on my tail. I am a living proof to this sentence “love is blind”. I wondered what has been covering my eyes to spend my 7month 23 days with such a materialistic girl.

I shall tell about my relationship with a girl, Regina Ng Ming Fang. Over the past 1 year, I have concentrated most of my resources be it in the form of time or financially on this girl. However, our relationship ended off thanks to an ipod touch.

Apple Ipod touch one of the highest valued item I have purchased for her as a birthday gift. That was when we were still even friends only. Friends around me said I had lost my mind over this girl to even buy such a gift for her. My reply was “I just wanna see her happy”. I must admit this gift was my highest bet to win over her heart for me. I was not afraid of rejection and mentally prepared to continue in friend zone and give her that gadget for good. Not long after her birthday, we got together. However, little did I know, this gift backfired the whole relationship.

Relationship is about both parties giving and taking, something will be very wrong when only one party seems to be the one giving and the other, just take. From the wooing period till our first day together and finally our last day, I had forked out 100% for leisure, entertainment, dinning and shopping expenses. I guess I shouldn’t be so generous right from the start. People may say, I can choose not to pay but this is what happened. There was one time where my allowance was almost used up and I hinted to her. Her reply was “Oh We shall stay at home”, somewhere along this line. Apparently, from her reply she would only go out with me only if there is entertainment for her and not for the sake of seeing me. However, we still went out for movie as I just wanted to see her that much. That’s my weakness against her. Just to add on, never even once in this relationship, she has initiated to ask me out be it to see me or basic activities that couples would do eg, watching movie, dinning or just spending time with the two of us only. The Ipod Touch and my weakness have allowed her to take advantages and me for granted right from the start.

Alright, some of you may think, I as a guy should support my very own girlfriend. Well I agree to a certain extent. However, at times couples should practice going dutch. My birthday for example, it’s reasonable for the other half to treat. It doesn’t seem to be the case, I planned my birthday celebration all by myself. Although she baked a cake and made a card for me, I believe if love is truly involved, she could go an extra mile not only on my birthday but special occasions like anniversary. Even an “I love you” would make my day but NO. The following pictures are her actions for her ex.




These are what I called love, words accompanied with actions. Speaking of anniversaries, I had a totally different type of attitude from her.

Our 1st Month


3rd Month


4th Month


From what you can see, this isn’t a normal girlfriend would reply. Throughout this 7months and 23days, I had never heard “I love you” or “I miss you” or call me dear or whatsoever from her mouth even when I enlisted into NS. To her ex(s), these short sentences can come out from her mouth so easily.



Whenever we talked about love, she would avoid or change the topic instantly. Of course there are many more examples. What does this show? Best of all, on the 4th month, she can’t even remember our anniversary but claimed she did.


Oh ya even after break up, she don’t even know my CHINESE NAME despite seeing my NRIC for a few times! What a joke! This really proves I am not even a slightest important person to her for the past 7months+ Another evidence to support this.


I will try to ok? What does this means? You can be with someone who you don’t love. The only reason is financial support for your pocket.

I am sure everyone can see it for themselves, the vast change in attitude towards her ex and me. This is the so called “love” she said she has put effort into it. Often I probed her about this difference, her replies will always be the same, “That’s the past, now’s the present”. Well acceptable reason as she could be hurt badly on the previous relationship. All along I was stupid enough to believe her only to realise that it was only an excuse on the very last day.

Despite having a relationship with me, she continues to accept tons of friends from social networks. Naturally, as her boyfriend, I am very unhappy and jealous about it. At times, this topic became the spark of quarrel which I often requested her to stop using her account. The reason she gave was to make new friends so that if anything happens between us, she would not be ALONE. Now, the reason has clearly been an excuse all along as she knew this relationship isn’t going to last long. Her heart was not with me all along.


P.S: You are the Foreveralone


Roughly from this context, it shows that she made some sort of promise to her previous boyfriend not to exchange email or should I say contact details to strangers online. All I get is multiple excuses from her to continue accepting and talking to them.

Just to side track a bit, before we were together, a guy who she has known less than a week on facebook came into the picture while I was trying to win her heart. She claimed him to be one of her friend’s friend. They cliqued well and soon became very close. I took a step back upon seeing this. However, this guy only came into her life for 3weeks or so only.


As all of you can see, this guy was in NS and attempted to woo her as well but in a very fast pacing. This does not concern me no more, I had gotten her and broke off with her. What I am trying to put across is this. Please compare the pictures above and below.



The first picture shows what a boyfriend would do for her girlfriend to make her smile (before NS) and the second picture shows me missing her while in NS. Second picture is very similar to the picture previously on top. Both Damian and I were in NS, the only difference is I was the boyfriend and he was only a friend. Yet I got a totally fucked care attitude from her but that friend of her receive so much attention. As all of you can see, they pictures above also show evidence where she accepts guys non-stop on social network which I did not fabricate facts out unlike her. I shall fill in more info later on.

Let’s now talk about our first quarrel which escalated to my first tear for a girl. From what I have shown so far, I am the one being neglected all the times and attention given by her was always the least.


For the past 2 months, the replies I get from her were very short. I have to admit the -.- face made me very pissed off, replying in such a way. I need not to explain further, even a 3 year old kids can tell she isn’t interested in talking with me. The reason why I cried for the first time for her is breakup came across my mind. I contemplated for quite awhile and emotion got over me. Maybe that’s really just the way she talks? No… Take a look at this.


This is a message for one of her ex, she cares about the change in that relationship due to lack of communication. That again, did she even care about me?

The second time we quarreled is about trust issue. She has lied to me a number of times. It was while I was doing my BMT training in Tekong. After long weekdays, I could finally book out. A faithful and loyal girlfriend would agree to meet their boyfriend the moment they are able to book out. However, I was rejected thoroughly by her to meet me on a Friday night. I questioned if she was going out to meet someone else and she turned nasty replying “If you don’t believe me, don’t bother to sms me”.


This post on her blog was for her ex too. She cares to swear that she did not lie because she cherished their relationship and want the issue to be settled quickly. However, on that night after I question her that, we almost break up. Her reason being, “since you don’t trust me, why should we continue this relationship?”

The third time we quarreled while we were out heading to Cathay. She blamed me for making such a sucky decision to take the bus 962 which caused so much inconvenience. I became angry and ignored her all the way from Sembawang to Dhoby Ghaut. It was halfway to Cathay from PS, she went missing. I waited and smsed her for her location but received nothing. Until I reached Cathay, she called me, “Are you in a rush? Go service and shop yourself, I am heading home” I respect her decision so I agreed. It was after I have done with my phone servicing, I realized I was too overboard. Called her and asked her to come back while she was still in orchard but faced total rejection from her. On that night she published to the whole world telling that I threw her alone in town. Hello, you are the one who chose to leave! 3 days later, I went over to her house and settled everything in the sight of her parents. It was an ugly and awkward scene with tear flowing out of my eyes throughout the argument.

The last time we quarreled have already seen the grave for this relationship. We were arguing about her father’s attitude towards me.



From here, everyone can see that she already disregarded me as her boyfriend by calling me all the names above.

I am sure everyone’s eyes are crystal clear that she has taken me for granted right from the start, finding opportunities to break up with me whenever possible. However, I was just too stupid to believe that that’s her character because of my blind affection towards her. The only reasons she was holding back were the incentives from me and the Ipod touch. Allow me to explain about why I want to take back the Ipod touch, put yourself in my shoe, whenever we got into argument, she never failed to initiate breakup which clearly show she was just toying with my feeling. On the third quarrel, I threatened to take back the Ipod touch to vent my anger as I felt being cheated. If love was involved, breakup would never come so easily in an argument. Tell me which relationship does not have a single quarrel. There is another reason for taking back the Ipod touch. She cherished the Ipod touch more than me because it was Ipod touch which accompanied 24/7. Be it at home, school or anywhere, it is Ipod touch that entertained her through games, songs, twitter, facebook, tagged, foursquare etc.


Despite diverting her attention away from Ipod touch, she still cared for it so much instead of looking forward to how shall we handle our relationship in the future. This only proves that she wants that Ipod touch badly. Therefore, taking Ipod touch away from her is the best lesson for her.

After the last quarrel, we went into cold war for a week, I was hoping she would at least miss me but no she chose to have a harsh silent break. If it wasn’t me who called her house number, our relationship will just continue like an empty shell. The truth only came out that she cut her phone line without informing me. She told me that she wasn’t running away from me as I could always come to her house and settle things out. What a nice way of putting. During that period, her whole family has already made known I as an unwelcome guest. By heading to her house is as good as running towards a wall. I will only be humiliated outside her door and get nothing back. The only motive behind her action was to protect the ownership of the Ipod touch.

Yes, I have to admit she did initiate to break up but of all times, she chose the most “appropriate” time when we quarrel. What does this prove? She can’t handle a quarrel in a relationship? I doubt so.


Familiar with this? You will feel sad whenever you quarrel with your ex. What about me? All you did was finding me fault wanting to end this relationship quickly.

I used to think maybe she was hotheaded during that situation, therefore, finding every ways to calm her down and continue this relationship because I cherished it. Now she is saying it’s my own accord to stay in this relationship? Eh hello? Use your brain and think, I did give her an option to leave me a few times too during peaceful times.

Will you leave me if someone is after you now? I give you an option, do you wanna leave me or continue with this relationship? Familiar with these questions? The reply from you, I don’t know… Why? Wish to leave me but still can’t bear to leave a life with free movies, meal and atm for shopping? Or can’t bear to leave the Ipod touch?

I admit, I am a crybaby. So? There is nothing to be ashamed of crying. When a guy cries for a girl, it means he truly cares about her. I am not ashamed to say I once love you whole-heartedly. I bet you can’t even announce to the whole world because your actions are against your heart. After broke up, you published to the whole world telling everyone I am a crybaby. It only proves something, you are a girl of no substance.

Our post relationship problem



I will allow the picture above to do the speaking. If someone who is conscience clear of what he/she is doing, would he/she ever care about comment that’s doesn’t even relate to them in the first place? Obviously, this particular girl by the name Regina Ng Ming Fang is guilty as charged for her behavior. The picture shows one of my tweet shortly after being posted came this girl to acknowledge it herself. Well since she has already acknowledged it, I am glad to give her the very title.


What about this? Hmm even her sister as her next of kin acknowledged that she is that slut I am talking about. I really have nothing to say. Of course if someone tweet to me, it is polite to reply rather than ignoring it. I only gave her sister a gentle advice and now they are making a big hoo-ha about it. In the first place, twitter is a site where people share their views/feelings/experiences/expression, a place where there is a freedom of speech. I can’t seem to figure out why I can’t tweet whatever I want without even mentioning her. The only reason that Regina and her sister, Janelle are so over-paranoid over my tweet, she is a slut who is capable of doing anything just to get benefit???

I sort of figured out why. Most probably she is sub consciously aware of her past actions…



According to her, this ex has entered the premise before…



This Damian is the guy in one of the picture., As a gentleman, if you have a car, it is a mandatory action to send a girl home after a date. After they became close, there was one night after a midnight movie, instead of sending her home, he brought her to the vicinity of his home and asked her to cabbed home herself. Hmm what happened in the course of events? Can anyone tell me?

Thirdly, in the midst of chasing her, she has allowed me to get intimate with her such as hugging and leaning on her. That’s even before we are together.

Lastly, as all of you can see from the previous picture, she is constantly accepting friends of her opposite sex.

Everyone can see for themselves, I need not to explain anymore further why she is so sensitive over the 4 letters word.


P.S: Are you a retard? I called you in the afternoon, 1.58pm -.- Anyway, Aunty Wendy, your past actions are appreciated.

Further more, you blogged a few posts to smear my image. Now get the fact right, it was your father who hurled vulgarity on me first when I was at your door step. I have 3 other witnesses with me at the point of time. Your mum saw them too. If someone punched you in your face, what will you do? Stand there and let him/her punch? Only retard does that. I have the right to retaliate back and now you make it sounds like I am the one who scolded him first? Your father is an elderly yes I know but that doesn’t give him the right to use vulgarity on me. Wake up your bloody idea. You wanna talk about respect? Here it is.




Stop trying to act like you are so much better than me. I need not explain her attitude towards her parents and sister. The conversation between her sister and I made it very clear. From this conversation, one can tell she loves to lie too. Too many times she has lied to me but I chose to keep my eyes close.

1) Telling me she didn’t talk to guys online as she has not been using msn for very long. This is pure bullshit, in fact she blocked me on msn. Everyone who knows me I am always online from in the night but I don’t see her. There was one particular time I headed over to her house and saw her msn with 5 or 6 window conversations with guys.

2) She told me she has already announced ‘In a relationship’ with me in facebook. The truth is, she only made it public to me but hide it away from the rest of her friends.

Of course there are many more lies to mention… but I shall save some faces for her.

In a nutshell, I am sure just by seeing all the past conversations and pictures, she has been taking advantages of me financially right from the start. Yes, I admit I could stop paying for everything but all of you should know, I just wanna make you happy during that point of time. If you are truly that innocent, you would have rejected my offer to pay. If you don’t love someone, please don’t accept them and toy with their feelings. Don't say i compared myself with your ex(s), I did it purely to expose your cunning tail. All the evidences have pointed very unfavourable to your so called “love” for me. You can defend yourself with more excuses and lies. Ultimately, it is still up to the readers to decide for themselves. You can continue blogging post to smear my image. I can tell you one thing, from the start I don’t even give a damn. Those comments by my friends were on their own accords because they can’t stand seeing a girl putting on an innocent façade, claiming she is right all the time. It’s not what you claimed that I am whining to them, that’s your ASSUMPTION. More good years ahead for you. Signing off.

Ng, Regina (26/2/2012). “A SPECIAL POST FOR U :)/DISRESPECTFUL BOY”. 민명♥. Retrieved 3 March 2012. [Online: http://myimperfectliife.blogspot.com/]


.Tuesday, February 14, 2012 ' 11:03 PM Y
~Whip It Real Hard~

So many things happened on CNY, but all were settled down before Valentine's day. On 12 Feb 2012, had early Valentine's day celebration with gf at BonJapan (Orchard Central). Hmm i can say the place is a total letdown? Of the 5-7 couples i saw at the venue, none of them were wearing a smile on their faces. Moreover, the shop was not really filled with Hello Kitty. Guess this is the meaning of expectation leads to disappointment. The only bonus for purchasing the tickets to this "event" was their facial and hair products. Irony isn't it? Hello Kitty event selling facial products? Lolz. Their facial and hair products were way under market rate that my gf bought a handful of them home. Left the place for dinner at Marche! Hmm it's a swiss cuisine restaurant recommended by one of my friend. The moment i stepped foot onto the basement of the restaurant, it really gave me a fresh and unique ambience to dine in. It was like a underground dining paradise filled a wide spectrum of food to choose. If only the food are free =x Didn't had the chance to try out their famous Rosti as the queue was long. Shall visit Marche next time for Rosti!

On the actual Valentine's day, coincidentally, my dental appointment falls on this day which i was allowed to take off. Spent my lunch with gf at Seoul Garden@Northpoint. There weren't much variety compared to other outlets which i went before. It was a simple V day celebration for us. Sent her home after our lunch.


.Wednesday, January 25, 2012 ' 8:18 PM Y
~Whip It Real Hard~

Just like previous year, the eve of Lunar New Year Eve, I spent my evening at a corner of Ang Mo Kio Hawker Centre selling new year snacks. Everything went smoothly unlike last year, NEA personnel raided on us to pack away all the stuff at once. My left foot suffered injury in the noon while riding my bmx, therefore did not stay overnight to tend the stall.

Lunar New Year eve, a period where everyone was doing their last minute of spring cleaning and shopping but i just lazed on my bed for the whole day... In the evening, went over to my maternal grandparent house to have reunion dinner. Definition of reunion dinner is having a meal with a big family. This year, i had a unique reunion dinner having to face the steamboat all by myself. LOLZ. As i was rushing for time, all my relatives told me to eat first. Scurried off to Yishun MRT to meet up with HuiYing, Andy, Chi Siong, Siew Jun and Zac for a movie session, Viral Factor. It was the first time watching a movie full of actions right from the start till ending. Overall rating, 4/5 stars. Packed Mc Donald for supper and walked over to 757 to chill and chat for awhile before heading home at 2+

The first day of my Lunar New Year has always been the same since young which is heading over to maternal grandparent house to have a visit. This time round, i had an extra item on my event list, a visit to my girlfriend's grandparent house! :D The feeling was so awkward having to enter a flat full of strangers staring at me with puzzled expression. I can roughly figured out what they are thinking... "Who the fuck is he?" HAHHAHA Fortunately, my girlfriend's mum was there to bring me in. However, there were still some awkwardness felt. Stayed over there for quite awhile before parting with my girlfriend's family and brought her back to my home to collect some coins for gambling at my grandparent house. When we reached there, there wasn't much people in, but slowly the crowd gathered and the gambling den was soon set up. Managed to win some money. Half time for us to have dinner, it was a pity that my paternal side family came over to my house already. We walked over to collect more ang baos! Haha. Girlfriend was quite shy to face so many people all at once. So cute to see her expression. Everyone was having their conversation but my girlfriend and i were inside my room trying to make her shoe more comfy. Her shoe has been giving her problem for the whole day. Next stop to Woodlands, my girlfriend accompanied me over and stayed awhile before leaving for home as it was inconvenient for her to travel all the way to Clementi. The rest of us continued our journey to Clementi. By then everyone was already half dead. Finally home around 2.

Second day of new was more bored than i thought. Went over to paternal grandparent house to eat lunch followed by rotting on bed till 5+. Walked over to cousin house and had a short session of mahjong, won a few dollars and have dinner. Rotted all the way till night. =x The only interesting part was one of my cousin's boyfriend learnt astrology and he was able to give 70 to 80% accurate prediction just using my birth date. :O Amazing isn't it? Home around 10+ and new year mood died down as i have to book in to that stupid squadron again :(


.Monday, January 16, 2012 ' 11:18 PM Y
~Whip It Real Hard~

Army has always give me a impression of organised corporation. However, today i have experienced the wrath of what others said. Reported to my allocated camp but no one in there seems to know where i should go to. I can say i am helpless in the camp. Proceeded to the guard house to seek help. Finally after 30min, i was given instruction to head over to the medical centre. Around noon, one of my friend was posted to my centre too. Once again, confusion arose. By right, there should be only one supply assistant being posted here by now there are two. Therefore, till now, i still do not know which camp i belong to :(


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